by Lastlegacy

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This is our debut EP. We hope you enjoy it!


released December 17, 2015

Recorded and Produced by Jade Williamson



all rights reserved


Lastlegacy Augusta, Georgia

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Track Name: Careful With That Axe
I stand before you as living proof
monsters really do exist
and the world has you to blame x2
Tell me, What will you say
Any last words to pray?

I can't believe you had me running
I swear on it all I didn't see this coming
But amidst the fog
I wide eyed to a few so stunning
And in my absence
The darkness arrives.

You said
You said I could trust you,
But I'm still coughing up
the water
From the day you let me drown.
My body was never found.

You don't deserve the memories
in my head
you don't deserve the spot
in my heart.
I won't forget
what you've done.
I put my trust
in your hands
and you dropped it
every fucking time!
One day this pain will make sense to you…


I've set my sights among the clouds,
only vultures cheris the ground!
They’ll eat you till there's nothing left
And leave you with just bone and flesh
They’'ll eat you till there's nothing left
Only leaveing till theres nothing left of you.

I never knew it would take me so long
to pick up the signs.
I wrote the song just for you
But are you even listening.
Are you even listening!?


You want it, you got it. x4
I'm right in front of you
go ahead make your move.
I'm right in front of you
what are you going to do?
I'm right in front of you
Make your move!